The Sin and The City

As you step onto the sand of the city
Glistening brightly in the sun such a sight
Reflected by the Mirage of the water
Under the shadows of the glass pyramid
And the illuminated lights call you from Paris
To New York and to the dueling Knights
And you journey in minutes that stretch
Into days that transform into nights
Yes, the city of sin they call it.

As you languidly lie near pools of water
Basking under sunlight content in your plight
As gambled earnings pile and deplete
You scream in joy and dismay but repeat
This routine every day spent in laughter
Wine that flows, as the island pirate crows
You dance to beats under the dazzling night
You throw the dice and it then will slice
The table and the crowd and you shall delight.

The city never sleeps, as you look at creeps
Who wander drunk in these shimmering streets
Their pace falls slow but they will always go
To the top of the tower and down to the castle
Of Venetian gondolas and tamed lions
And a mirage seen in the coolness of the night
Of what is this city constructed I ask
Ground up souls and dreams that don’t last
But yet the ghosts of perpetual dreams
Born forth each day in vagrancy
Die every night under the dancing fountains

Oh weary traveler,
Welcome to the sin of the city!