Philosophy, Photography, Reflections

The Road Often Travelled

 Days come and days go. Hours elapse but nothing is gained. The din of life drowns out the precious moments of existence and all that is left is a vague memory of the past.We are immersed in the daily rigors of our lives and become so preoccupied that we often forget the purpose of our existence. What is the meaning of life. I like to believe that it is some kind of a journey. A journey that each individual makes for himself (or herself). A journey that leads us to a path that carves out our destiny. A journey where we hopefully end up more mature and learn from the lessons strewn along the path.
My travels for work and pleasure brought me many such paths. These are some of the pictures that I was lucky enough to have witnessed. Sights that we take for granted but when reflected upon have the power to provide comfort and can be source for reflection.  The sun shimmering through the sieve of the spring trees, the dusking warmth of the sun blinding all who dare gaze at it, the patina of old bricks seen through the windows of a commuter train, An unknown diner housed in a crumbling theatre showing movies to an invisible crowd, a narrow alleyway in an unknown city, the brief second where the spurt of the waterfall seems to freeze…
These are memories from the paths of life. These paths often intertwine, some lead to a closed wall, and some lead the traveller astray, but I like to believe that every path holds a story. They say that the road less travelled often makes the difference, but it is the road often travelled that defines who we are.