Poetry, Reflections

Festivals of the hearts

The saffron flowers sway delicately
another string is tied and ready
the wedding planner looks around nervously
it all seems nicely done
the lanterns are now being lit
there is dew in the air
He prays that it doesn’t rain
A month long preparation
Has finally come to an end
It’s the wedding of the bride
The festival of hearts has begun

A fragrant Smell fills the air
The smell of thousands of flowers
The sweetness of honey
The drunken whiff of jasmine
A rainbow of colors dance in front of me
Roses, lilacs and jasmine
The bride’s chair is now decorated.
There is an excitement in the air
This night is still young
The crowds have yet to come…
I reflect on this day…
This festival of hearts

A beautiful lady…
Now approaches slowly…
Her head is bowed…
Her dress is red and dazzling
Her fragrance is captivating
Her beauty is alluring
I see her eyes
The excitement in them is palpable
She knows…
A new life beckons…
The smile on her lips..
She is a little scared..
A little happy… a little sad
Emotions run wild..
It’s a festival for her,
The festival of hearts has begun

The crowds start coming now
I hear the music play
This night has something magical
Like drunken bees,
Everyone is swaying in delight
I feel the coldness of the night
I feel it on my face
I shudder for a moment,
I am lost in that moment,
This festival is here

I hear some thunderous music
Suddenly it starts raining flowers
The band starts playing
I look up…
Mounted on a horse..
A magnificent prince arrives
Like a knight in shiny armor
The groom has arrived
to celebrate the festival of hearts

I scuttle to see the groom
I wish to see his face
To read his emotions
To see why this happened
To know what happened
The crowds swarm around him
I cannot go near..
It’s his important day
It’s his festival too

i see now the father of the bride
His face bears a multitude of thoughts
He has gained a son…
By losing a daughter.
He seems tired here today
It’s been a long night for him
He looks like he hasn’t slept
For days maybe months
Maybe even years
Tonight he shall rest
A carefree sleep finally
After many a long year

i look at the bride now
She laughs along with her mother
She seems happy
Her mother seems content
Her dream is now fulfilled
I see the bride again…
She looks so beautiful…
I remember her smile
it hasn’t changed at all
I want her to see me
I want to see her eyes
Those magical eyes,
I was lost in them for so long.
My heart tells me to look away,
She belongs to someone else now.
But I can’t
I continue to gaze at her
Where is the love
That she said she had for me
Where are the moments
That we had together
Where is the life
That we promised each other…
Where is the love
That I saw in her eyes

She looks up now
She sees me standing at a distance
The music playing
The showers of flowers
The rich fragrances of the lavender bunches
Time stands still now
Do I see sadness in her eyes?
Do I see answers in them?
Do I see guilt…?
Do I see love in them…
She looks at me now
My heart beat quickens now
I have come here for this moment
To see her beautiful face
One last time
To celebrate the festival of hearts
By breaking my own….

She smiles at me from a distance
This is not the same smile
Her eyes are not the same
There is something different
She knows that I am here
She knows I have nowhere to go
She knows amidst all the happiness
A sad heart walks alone
The moonlight shines down
This moment has lingered for eternity
I feel her answers…
In the magic of her eyes
She is happy
That I am here to see her off
To walk her down this path
To see her off at this brink
To pray for her happiness
To pray for her new life
A thousand knives pierce my heart
Slowly she turns away…
She has moved on tonight
Tomorrow beckons…
Today is here…
Yesterday has passed her by…

I turn away now…
I turn to walk a solitary path
But I stop…
i want to meet the groom
i have to know…
i see him at a distance
There is an aura of joy
There is a feeling of pride
He knows
He married a princess
I approach him now
Uncertain what’s on my mind
I linger near him for an instant
He turns towards me
With an innocent and lucid smile
I embrace him earnestly
“Love this princess a lot”
I whisper into his ear
He seems confused
But smiles and nods at me
Yes, this journey will be happy
My heart is now content
Years from now
In a land far away
I shall be happy
Knowing that she is content…

The crowds dance indulgently
The saffron flowers is all I see
I see a lot of faces here
I am searching for someone I know
I see unknown visages
I know now…
They have all walked past me
Time has passed me by
I am just a memory
And I am left standing alone

As I walk a solitary walk
Through the tunnel of jasmine flowers
I must look at her again
I must see her one last time
I see her at a distance
Laughing with innocence
I see those eyes now
I am now aware
Perhaps I was too late
Perhaps this path was not my own
Perhaps those dreams
Were just that…dreams

The crowds thin down now
A decorated carriage waits at the doorstep
The trumpet blows sullenly
The walk of the bride begins
I see tears in the eyes of loved ones
Tears of happiness
Tears of sadness
I have tears in my eyes
Tears of defeat…
She mounts the golden carriage
The crowd showers her with rose petals
The groom is also seated now
The moonlight shimmers down
The carriage starts to move away
A love was lost tonight
A life time of joy was gained tonight
This is the festival of hearts…
In every happy ending
In every story that ends in joy
There is a sad end too
Tonight was a happy end
For the princess that I knew
I feel broken, but I feel happy
This long and happy journey
Ended with joy and festivities for one

I walk away now
From a whole city of joy
I do not know…
Where this path may take me
I do not know…
What lay before me
I do not know…
Whether I will ever love again
I do not know…
Did I win or did I lose tonight.
I walk away searching for answers…
I walk away from the lights…
I walk away from the music…
I walk away from the celebration
The moonlight fades slowly
It’s getting dark now…
The night is slowly dying
This day draws to an close
The festival of the hearts
has finally ended…