Lights and more Lights

I have an obsession with lights. The first things that I notice in every new place that I go to, are the lights, natural and artificial.
Although the heavenly design is marvelous in its construction, mankind has not been left far behind. We have created light to illuminate the darkest depths on our planet. Our resourcefulness powers our species forward and has become the hallmark of our generation.
The pictures below are some of the sights that I saw today. There is something comforting about these lights, they are like stars watching over us, watching as we drift away like random bits of data in the infinite data stream of life.


All of the Lights

Light, the universal giver of life. Its existence burgeoned by various daedal devices, some natural and some artificial. Ever since man found his bearing, he recognized the power of light.

Light, the mere existence of which can be heroic.
Light, the presence of it removes all that is ominous in the world.
Light, the giver of warmth, both physical and spiritual.

I try to lull myself to sleep and I cautiously gaze at the lights above with a strange fascination. Maybe it was that insanely late hour, or my perennial melancholy, but the light seemed almost poetic to me, it appeared like a radiant flower in the jungle of darkness. I snapped a quick picture.
It got me thinking of all of the lights that I have seen recently. Each one distinct from the other, each one cloaking the beholder with a distinct emotion, each one telling a story…