A Few Possessions

As I listen to the beats of “Modern Man” by Arcade Fire playing in the background of a rainy day in Chicago, I gaze out of the window at nothing in particular. The perfect day to stay indoors, I look at the rainwater trickling down my window pane. A lot is found in the seemingly inconsequential drops of water on glass. I do not see the water, I do not see the rain, all I see are flashes of a life, maybe my own or maybe not.

Its cleaning day for me, and as I rummage through the closet and am struck by my vast possessions. I enjoy style and have amassed a collection that is reflective of my aesthetics. But to think of it, is it the other way around? Is my style a consequence of my possessions or are my possessions reflective of my style? I think its the later. They say the clothes maketh the man, I dont think so. Man maketh the clothes. We choose what we wear, and what we wear is defined by our personal tastes. Here are some of mine.