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A Little Comfort in Me

Its coming, It’s just around the corner, people carry on their lives pretending not to notice it, but you know its coming, and I know its coming. I’m taking about good O’l Fall. Fall has a myriad of emotions attached to it. It is my favorite season. The world looks prettier, people are nicer and there is just an air of comfort wafting inside your house. Speaking of comfort, here is mine. There is nothing that feels better on a fall night than a bowl of thick, creamy tomato soup and a grilled swiss cheese sandwich. Nothing.



Random Pieces

Life is a series of scattered pieces of a puzzle, disjointed, and disconcerting.
Some pieces are bright and illuminating, some are dark and foreboding, but we try to piece them together.
We don’t know if the end image makes sense, but each person gets something different, and the meaning of life lies in how we join them together.
I took some pictures recently but realized that they do not follow any pattern, there was no single unifying factor to these, and therefore I was hesitant in posting them. But then I got thinking. Maybe the purpose of these pictures is that they exist in randomness.. Maybe they were never meant to fit together. Its like life, we try to fit into whatever the world throws towards us, but like pieces of lost puzzles, sometimes we fit and sometimes we do not.