Photography, Reflections

Sparrow and Rabbit

Days seemed to blend together, hours started and ended with nothing in between. The dawn of the sun was barely greeted as the dusk settled in. Visions and scenes rushed by me like the faint landscape seen when driving on the highway. Nothing existed outside of my vision, this tunnel that I am in, this tunnel that I have become.
Except that it did end. Life had been extremely busy the past few weeks. Work commitments consumed pretty much everything that I had and what was left was not substantial enough to devote to something else. There was just not enough left in me to desire something else. But, miraculously, those commitments were made and suddenly I find myself outside the tunnel. Outside with the rest of the commuters of the world.
Its a trifle disconcerting, this being back to reality business. Its like waking up and finding that you slept for a little longer than typical. Things look different, dramatically different. The sky is noticeably brighter, the stretched out dead branches of trees now appeared to have been sprayed with fluorescent shades of green. This is Flora and fauna everywhere, rabbits feeding on the overgrown blades of grass, tired sparrows waiting for cabs, mounds of weed peeking out of the front yards of every home greeting its residents. Life looks different, and for that, I am grateful.