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The Nectar of Despair

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair,
They sit in silence,
Soaking in the sanguine air,
They sit in silence,
As the raindrops dance heavily,
They sit in silence,
Like two still dancers,
At the end of the ballet of existence,

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair…

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The Independent’s Manifesto

We are the invisible crowd.
We do not picket for any particular party;
we do not show up at conventions to bash other Americans.
We do not question other people’s patriotism.
We don’t throw around labels like “Communist” “Socialist” or “Racist”.
We believe that people have a right to their opinion.
We believe that just because you do not agree with someone that does not make them a bad person.
We believe in the right for people to be free and not be prisoners of the political system.
We believe that Individuals have the right to make their own decision,
including the right to religion, the right to love, the right to marriage and the woman’s right to choose,
And the right to protect the sanctity of life.
We believe that the right is not always “right” and the liberal is not always liberal.
We vote to choose leaders whose rhetoric matches their actions.
We chose leaders not because they are “just like us” but because they inspire us.
We believe in not becoming a number on a statistical chart on cable news screen.
We believe that the even though the media may present a certain view, we ultimately decide our actions.
We believe that people have a right to give different names to God.
We believe in accepting someone’s right to a different God than ours.
We believe that those who do not believe in God are also believers in themselves.
We believe that America is a land of immigrants, but also believe in protecting our borders.
We believe that the Government has an obligation to provide certain services and resources to its citizens but do not believe in free services.
We believe that the money we earn is ours and we have the right to share it with other, should we choose to.
We believe certain folks have had a harder time, and need a boost to get back on their feet. We believe in ourselves.
Amidst the partisan rancor and chaos, we are the line between Right and Left.
We are the invisible, the existent, the silent majority that defines elections and shapes the fabric of the American society.
We are the Independents.