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The black darkness of the night,
Laughs gently at me in a roar unforgettable,
The mirth is shattered by its sudden transition,
And with the force of its unworldly design.

The night transcends between whiteness and blackness,
Each transience celebrated by silver brilliance,
The madness of its turmoil unforgettable.

In heavy lumps of tears,
Amidst a wail that is deep and penetrating,
The night begins to weep.

The wanderer looks from his shelter below,
His eyes peppered with the salts of time,
Does this night sing a paean in honor,
Is it the laughter of a madman,
Or the cries of a lost wanderer

Shimmering and glistening,
Screaming and whistling, The black darkness of the night,
Continued its laughter and still,
The night continued to weep…

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The Nectar of Despair

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair,
They sit in silence,
Soaking in the sanguine air,
They sit in silence,
As the raindrops dance heavily,
They sit in silence,
Like two still dancers,
At the end of the ballet of existence,

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair…

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Red like the embers of the judgement fire,
Red like the twilight flame burning higher,
Red like the blood of corpses deceased,
Red like the wailing prayers of the priest,
Red like the eyes of the dead ones waking,
Red like the tremors of the cowards shaking,
Red like fire and Red like pain,
Red like the heart bleeding through your vein…

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Skeletal Remains

Lay out the skeletal stems,
Of the flowers from this basket,
Lay them out one by one,
Each one a twig desiccated,
Each one a corpse awaiting a shroud.
The noxious aroma fiercely wafts still,
A mixture of life and death dances still,
A Mixture of want and memories remain,
Amidst the aroma of dreams regained.
Lay out the skeletal stems,
Of the relics of a forgotten past,
Wrapped around dead flower petals,
Like untold stories at a funeral mass,
Lay out the stories one by one,
Each one born in a different life,  
A wistful existence falls silent,
In these stillborn skeletal remains.

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Let it Snow

Let it snow with the fury of the mighty wind,
Let it snow with the passion of the forbidden sin,
Let it fall on earth like frozen tear drops,
Let us watch as the ghostly world then stops,
Let not a leaf move,
Let there be no mortal sound,
Let there be nothing but specks of white,
Strewn over the landscape like a mad painter,
Let it snow with the fury of the mightly wind,
Let it snow with the passion of the forbidden sin.