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Add a little color to this life
Take a tiny step towards progress
That what you hold onto
May be vivid and bright
But the rainbow of your future
Lies in the unwalked miles ahead…

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Skeletal Remains

Lay out the skeletal stems,
Of the flowers from this basket,
Lay them out one by one,
Each one a twig desiccated,
Each one a corpse awaiting a shroud.
The noxious aroma fiercely wafts still,
A mixture of life and death dances still,
A Mixture of want and memories remain,
Amidst the aroma of dreams regained.
Lay out the skeletal stems,
Of the relics of a forgotten past,
Wrapped around dead flower petals,
Like untold stories at a funeral mass,
Lay out the stories one by one,
Each one born in a different life,  
A wistful existence falls silent,
In these stillborn skeletal remains.