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The Nectar of Despair

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair,
They sit in silence,
Soaking in the sanguine air,
They sit in silence,
As the raindrops dance heavily,
They sit in silence,
Like two still dancers,
At the end of the ballet of existence,

They sit in silence,
Drunk in the nectar of despair…

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Oh Iridiscent rainbow,
Where have you gone,
Leaving behind gray skies,
devoid of hope and warmth.

Oh sweet nectar of monsoon nights,
Where have you gone,
Leaving behind desolate emptiness,
And a land barren and bleached.

Have you returned to your home,
Where the love that you forever sought,
Greets your with the thumping of soft hail.

Have you returned to your land,
Where the sunlight slices up slivers of the sky,
And adorns you in its ornaments

Oh Iridiscent rainbow,
Where have you gone,
Leaving behind lost memories,
Left floating in the clouds of desires….

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Become like the call of the nightingale’s chirp,
Become like the roar of the elephant’s birth,
Become like the soul of the daylight break,
Become like the rustle of the tree stalk shake,
Become an existence that is larger than you,
Become an ideal of all that is true,
Become like the light that shines over all,
Become the voice that answers every call.
Become someone larger than pride and strife,
Throw out the verbal dagger and knife,
Become like a bouquet of roses and bloom,
Spread the fragrance of love and swoon,
Become like the smile of an infant child,
Become like the innocence of the beast in the wild,
Become like the serenity of the corpse deceased,
Become like the terror of the awaiting beast…
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At the Banks of the River

My existence is lost, I am merely a wanderer,
I am not of this world, nor am I of the beyond,
These eyes search endlessly for the heartbeats,
Pounding away (loudly) in the forgotten corners of this land,
My existence is lost, I am merely a wanderer,
One who searches during the day and by the starlight night,
One who searches in the searing sun, and under the silver moon,
One who searches until he has forgotten all else that mattered,
If you ask him his name, he gazes in ponder,
And he points to the silent cries in the distance…

His existence is lost, he is merely a wanderer,
He is not of this world, nor is he of the beyond,
nothing remains for him in this emptiness and hollow,
He talks of angels and demons hitherto unknown,
haunted it seems he remains like a cowardly animal,
crossing the thin mango bark over the raging river,
This wanderer roaming still,
Aimlessly like a madman,
The wanderer roaming still,
Searching for a few lost heartbeats…

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Wandering through Nowhere

Anyone who probably reads my entries on this blog knows that I love travelling. I love the experience of visiting new cities, I love the experience of walking down streets without any idea of time or place, I love the sights, sounds and smells of a new restaurant in the middle of the city, I love walking briskly, stopping at opportune times to admire the buildings or the people around, I love sipping coffee and watching the nameless crowd pass me by, I love the feeling in your feet at the end of the day, the feeling that your feet turned into jello, that feeling is pure relaxation.
Last month I had the fortune of visiting my favorite city in the world. San Fransisco. SF is a city that consists of small pockets of entertainment. Each pocket is a neighbourhood that contains something unique and has a character and flavor of its own. Over looking the bay, the epicenter of the city is concentrated around a narrow radius. This uniquely positions it to be a tourists (Yes, I am not ashamed to be called this here) heaven. You could on a great day possibly walk the entire city. Of course you can’t because after every other block, you will find something that catches your attention.
I will not attempt to describe everything that I saw here. There are travel blogs, and magazines that capture this city adequately. I captured images, and memories. Memories are fluids that continue to swim inside the corners of my brain, but images are concrete, those I can capture, and those I can share. I called this blog “Wandering through Nowhere” because  wanted the reader to feel like they are in a nameless city discovering it the same way I did.