passion, Poem, Poetry


The saline taste lingers on
her lips mometarily like a promise,
Uttered in the warmth of
a passionate embrace.
The saline taste lingers on
her lips momentarily as
she becomes someone else.
the nights, and the stars,
The rain and the cars,
The smiles and the tears,
The hopes and the fears,
the laughter and the silence,
The peace and the violence,
Remanents of her past,
Speak gently to her in silence,
The suble shape of a smile,
forms on the corner of her lips.
Is a forgotten kiss truly forgotten,
Is it a corpse dead and buried,
Or is it akin to a memory,
forever floating on the sea,
As the waves of lust,
drowns Feroze that night,
The stillborn memory of a kiss,
Is brought back again to life.


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