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Wandering through Nowhere

Anyone who probably reads my entries on this blog knows that I love travelling. I love the experience of visiting new cities, I love the experience of walking down streets without any idea of time or place, I love the sights, sounds and smells of a new restaurant in the middle of the city, I love walking briskly, stopping at opportune times to admire the buildings or the people around, I love sipping coffee and watching the nameless crowd pass me by, I love the feeling in your feet at the end of the day, the feeling that your feet turned into jello, that feeling is pure relaxation.
Last month I had the fortune of visiting my favorite city in the world. San Fransisco. SF is a city that consists of small pockets of entertainment. Each pocket is a neighbourhood that contains something unique and has a character and flavor of its own. Over looking the bay, the epicenter of the city is concentrated around a narrow radius. This uniquely positions it to be a tourists (Yes, I am not ashamed to be called this here) heaven. You could on a great day possibly walk the entire city. Of course you can’t because after every other block, you will find something that catches your attention.
I will not attempt to describe everything that I saw here. There are travel blogs, and magazines that capture this city adequately. I captured images, and memories. Memories are fluids that continue to swim inside the corners of my brain, but images are concrete, those I can capture, and those I can share. I called this blog “Wandering through Nowhere” because  wanted the reader to feel like they are in a nameless city discovering it the same way I did.


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