And She Screams

The woman gets dragged on the gravel streets,
The man grasping her by her hair,
She trashes her feet upon the unpaved road,
Kicking up a clouds of dusty dreams,
She screams in agony and yells in penance,
She yells for the man to forgive,
Her sins which lie exposed like dead roots,
Of the dead trees of the dead forest,
The crowds gather in unison with mock Ruth,
She yells and screams for the man to forgive,
She dared to not bow down in servitude,
She dared to scavenger some copper dimes,
To feed her and her pregnant womb,
The man pushes her face into sand,
She chokes on arid sand devoid of life,
He whips her with a dead stick of bamboo,
Her naked skin on her naked back wilting,
His eyes flowing with an intoxicated concoction,
Of addicted habit and a pasting of decrepit values,
He whips her in a gleeful but silent trance,
Interspersed with grunts of monotony,
And she screams…
And she screams…
Until she could scream no more…


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