Discarded Foliage

A Leaf rustles on the ground,
Fighting mutely against the wind,
Holding on to nothingness,
It becomes a similitude of unhappiness,
The leaf still rustles on the ground,
The story of its pithy life forgotten,
Like pages of a book never read,
Lost in the annals of an empty history,
A reluctant element of an unkind past,
It did not choose a life for itself,
This leaf desiccated and crinkled,
It did not wish to be a part,
Of a space devoid of a fate,
And yet it lies latching on…

The story of our lives,
Mirrors the battle of this leaf,
We are all discarded foliage,
Strewn on this path with no name,
Each trying their best to fight,
And not disintegrate in the wind,
The sound of thunder and rain,
Announces a storm fierce and dark,
The leaf fights for one last time,
But then is finally blown away.


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