We, A single syllable and two alphabets, a glaringly simple word and a harbinger of the language. When you first look at it, the word does not seem too complicated. It downright seems a little plain. But if you analyze it in detail, you realize that the word “We” essentially signifies the most basic aspect of human existence. “We” is what being human is about. It is not just a word, but an entire thought process that connects people together. The entire human congregation is formed and progresses based on the modalities of this world. “We” stands testimony of a single entity’s insistence in belonging to a larger group, a larger movement. “We” is mankind discovering ourselves.

This day has carried with it ambiguous feelings. It’s the middle of the week and like everything that is in the middle, this day too was devoid of any particular flavor. It was neither happy nor was it sad. It was not eventful, nor was it uneventful. It was exactly what life for most of us has become. A sullen and melancholic drone which sounds beats like the soft pitter patter of the autumn rains. It exists in a shadowy darkness and yet is out in the light. My thoughts on this day are not too different from the others; they are one of a casual surrender. Surrender, to life and the process of existence. I surrender my self today to the day and all its rules and fallacies. Surrendering is never hard, but is never easy as well. I have rarely thought of myself as defensive, hence surrendering comes naturally. It is in the moment of being caught in the tidal waves of life that you realize your worth and that understanding comes across as groundbreaking.

The fellow foot soldiers were buyout today, brimming with a sprint in their step and an eagerness that was hitherto unseen. It is interesting to note the transformation that comes over individuals when they realize that their actions are not being judged. They drop their defenses and begin to relax and become more cheerful in their disposition. Having powers above me gone for most of the week has had a similar effect around here. I too find myself privy to that behavior. It’s not something to extol as a virtue but is a truth that is resolute in its merit. I am essentially not a captain, I make no attempt to steer direction of this organization and all its gentry. I am more of a person who likes to observe, I observe and then mull over my findings. I find a strange satisfaction in brooding over the actions of others and contemplating about their implications. It is my attempt to stay in the background, to be invisible from the eyes of all those who surround me. Too often have I tried to make people notice me only to be harshly shirked? That rejection has essentially transformed me into a different person, one that I find more comforting and one who is comfortable in his skin. Yes, I may have changed but my transformation is temporal, like the change in the sky from night to day. Is a change that slowly extracts the light from the blue sky and clouds it with a murky darkness only to suddenly transform it into the night? I have changed my outward appearance but inside, I still carry the same atmosphere as before. I am still capable of showers; I am still capable of giving warmth and also of emitting coldness. Nonetheless the foot soldiers wanted to partake in activities revolving around the mid-day feast. They were excited about it and it was that elation that made them buyout. I too joined them finding their excitement a little intoxicating. That is the think about excitement, it is very contagious.

I travelled to a restaurant, located in the vicinity of a few minute’s travel. I was joined by 6 other soldiers of my establishment. We stood in line next to the sullied orange walls adorned with paintings of landscapes depicting human existence of a different culture. The whiffs of aroma rose from the skillets of the cauldron and were immediately sucked by my sense of smell. My stomach ached with a potent sense of longing for nourishment. I hurriedly selected the meal, paid for it and sat amidst my communion eager to tear into the delicacies. I looked around, talking to my fellow soldiers with a joyous surrender and was immediately struck by something. I was one a lone stalk in a consummate reef, I was not an individual, and I was nothing. I was now part of this group called “We”. We sat as a single entity, each embroiled with each other in a common fabric wolfing down our meals and surrendering ourselves to joyous banter. We paused momentarily to sip small gulps of ice cold water to wash down the morsels of soup, bread and protein, each soaked in fragrant spices. “We”… joined together by the sheer determination of our will and steadfast in our resolve, distinct in our existence but still part of a single communion. The realization finally dawned upon me as our individualities were stripped and dissolved with each other; we are part of a movement, a group, a congregation fighting our individual battles while still maintaining a common vision. We…


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