Essays, Reflections

The Balance of the World

I woke up in the morning with a deficient feeling of wakefulness. Time ceased to exist and all that was lost was forgotten and in a different era. The souls that screech out towards the heavens announced a paean of a lusty and hurried ingratitude. In the realms of all that connects us with the elements of our surroundings lay fragmented strands that sow us into harmony. I was lost in the nightly bliss of sin and pleasures of sleep for moments not short enough to remember but longer than most would ascertain. I had failed to realize the effect of a good night’s sleep. It is heavenly, and I woke up with a restored mind raring to exist for another day.

The day is a Sunday and is a mixture of sadness and happiness, Happiness at the prospects of indulging in some casual moments of unity with the soul, and sadness due to the ominous foretelling of the days to come. Truly, this day is one that complicates the concept of pleasure and relaxation. The feeling is similar to what a man on death row would feel if he was told that he could have one day of freedom during which he could do whatever he wanted, but would be killed the next day. My freedom is similar. For each one of us today is a day of freedom marred by the thoughts of tomorrow. Once again, we soldiers of routine will be thrust back into battle. Wars will be fought in the business world and existences would be forgotten and realized in the infinitesimally small blimps of the world. But let me leave that conversation for another day. Lets make today about Today.

So wakefulness greets me with a cheerful smile and embraces me with warmth. The body is still weak, drained of the energy by the relentless attack of the bacteria. It’s a harrowing and daunting battle. Little do we realize of the effects of the tiniest of organisms in life. Bacteria, an organism that exists in a miniature world unseen by our naked eyes. But unseen is not unborn. Because invisible to all those around thrives a different dimension of existence. Millions, no Billions of tiny organisms are born, multiply and die in seconds. One such bacterium, a definite relative of the common cold had decided to be an unwelcome guest. He has weakened my body but has yet to have an effect on the soul. My free soul on this free day will not let mere bodily dysfunction affect its disposition.

The day progresses with a startling pace, I look at all that surrounds me and make mental notes of actions to be taken and reactions to be expected. The blanket of greenery that adorns the backyard and the front yard screams for attention. I look at it and am aware of its suffering but still do not attend to it. Procrastination is the virtue of the tired and downtrodden souls and I am the same. I will attend to the grass when its time arrives. It’s close though, and I realize my folly, but that time is not today. I have never had a yard and such work is alien to me, somewhat similar to the unworked that get thrown into the fires of a new task and fight their way out of it. Such tasks which demand close attention are not ones that I enjoy and do not necessarily entertain. But every moment has a un-moment, the exact opposite of existence that seeks to negate the positive and negatives in life. It is a structured balance established by the artists who have shaped our world. We exist as mere puppets dancing to the strings pulled by a force that is not understood by us, but definitely not ignored. Hence unwritten laws are followed and spoken rules are broken in defiance. Hence the grass will be attended to, the thirsty plants will be quenched and some who pine with hunger will be fed with mounds of corpuscular nutrition. This is our world and our burden, which we will attend to. I live in this playground and therefore will follow the rules established. The casual freedom that I have been rewarded with comes with certain preconditions. It is my small allowance for playing a role in the grandness of our existence, the balance of the world.


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