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The Interpreter of Dreams

I dream this beautiful dream one night,
I see us sitting in the fading light,
I see clear waters turn a trifle gray,
The twilight slowly fades away…
The waves beat against our feet…
and I see you by my side…

I dream that we sit together,
under the starless dusky wonder,
I dream that I hear your whisper,
Your smile makes the world a little brighter,
I dream that heaven is in this moment,
and I see you by my side…

The tides of life are long and harrowing,
It pushes us away and still draws us close,
My dreams are still so uncertain,
The future of our paths is still a mystery,
Do our paths collide,
Or do they meander away…
All that matters…
Is that I see you by my side today…

A soft breeze blows by,
A sweet whiff of spring and rainstorms,
My heart fills up with hope…
like a blind man at the end of a slope.
I dream that heaven is in this moment,
and I see you by my side…

The dusk ended in my dream tonight,
the dawn in our lives is yet to begin,
tell me my dear interpreter,
the meaning of my dream…
A moment akin to heaven,
With you forever by my side…


3 thoughts on “The Interpreter of Dreams

  1. I stumbled unto your blog while searching for pictures with the key words "dust," "reflection," and "woman" for a poem that I am writing and I think it's a huge coincidence that I clicked on a link to your blog which is mostly poetry. I really enjoyed your "Dreams of an Insomniac." It almost reminds me of a pantoum because of the repetition that you use. There was something about your poem that seems calm and sad, and almost nostalgic in tone and mood.

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