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Eternal Memories

Winter winds blowing around,
Creating silence amidst a deafening sound,
The moonlight dances in its glory,
The dusk of the New Year falls.
A new prospect on the horizon beckons,
A family that I have never met,
A smile that I cannot forget,
An everlasting memory is born.
This night holds warmth within,
Endless possibilities and stolen delight,

This night will eternally be,
The first time that we met….

Memories are still afresh,
A tad nervous,
A trifle excited,
With so much to say,
My words failed me that day…
How is it I wonder?
That a lifetime of memories,
Were made in moments few…
Her face, her words, her laugh…
Like raindrops in a parched desert,
Like a fire in a snowstorm,
Like stars in a moonlight night,
Like innocence in a child’s delight,
There is a poise that I cannot miss,
Feelings of joy and timeless bliss.
Every time I looked at her face,
Its like the world fell into place…

I know today that the future is unclear….
I know that I may never meet her again…
I know that fate has not made up its mind…
Years from now,
When the world would transform,
When the rush of life would overwhelm us,
And all would be forgotten,

This night would eternally be,
The first time we met…


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