Poetry, Reflections

The Knight and the Angel

Radiance shrouded in enduring mystery,
An allure of colossal heights,
Enraptured and enamored,
A breath of wonder escapes my heart,
Moments like this you cannot foresee,
Feelings of bliss come over me.
A visage of near perfection,
An image of shattered wiles,
A feminine angel that smiles,
An elixir that cures the pain of a lifetime,
This I say with no fear,
Never can beauty be this clear,
Never has true love ever felt so near,
A distance that I cannot measure,
Leading to an end that I wish to treasure,
Shadows of the years gone by,
Myths of knights and princesses I recall,
Fears of a similar fate which may befall,
If this is my princess and I a knight,
Where is the dragon that I must fight?
A comprehension I now see,
Everything I envisioned before me,
A pensive dream of nightly delight,
A lone Archer who lost his sight,
The vision dissolves slowly,
Madness grips me swiftly,
Longing for a single touch,
Heartbeats I feel in the stone within,
Life akin to a committed sin,
Wondering how long its going to last,
Beating against the wind like a broken mast,
I watch as the dream comes to an end,
Beauty I see but cannot comprehend,
Watching this moment come to a close,
Like a tattered and trampled rose,
The visage of the angel slowly fades away,
This knight will fight for her another day.


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