Poetry, Reflections

From the Depths of my heart

From the depths of my heart
I cry to you o lord
The little boy cried.
He seemed Alive, because he was crying,
but everything about him was dead.
There was a woman lying next to him,
she was surely dead,
because maggots feeded on her.
must have been his mother,
because i think i heard him say that.
The child itself,
Frail and thin,
Black and Dirty,
There was so much filth on him.
And the stench…
The stench was unbearable.

“from the depths of my heart
I cry to you o lord”

he probably needed help,
maybe food, maybe medicine,
maybe even a doctor.
The people did not stop,
They flinched, but that was with disgust.
They argue ‘we are not the lord,
he isnt asking us for help,
he’s asking the lord’
yeah right…
like the lord has time to listen,
to worthless kids like him.
I wanted to help,
But I didnt.
Too much filth, Too strong a stench,
And moreover, He didnt ask for help.

“from the depths of my heart
I cry to You o people”

Thats much better,
Maybe now he’ll get some help.
The first Man passed,
and so did the fifteenth.
either they were all deaf,
or they didnt care to listen.
Neither did I
just a stupid little kid,
screaming over his dead mother.
happens all the time,
bigger things to worry about.
our world,our money, our lives,
we are all busy people,
we have no time for minnows like you”
i wanted to help him,
but that was because i,
was irked by his screams.
i intended to go to him,
give him a coin or two,
tell him ” to burn the corpse or dump it,
coz its marring the landscape.
get some food, and stop creating such a racket.”
I walked towards him,
he had gone awfully quiet,
he was no longer screaming or crying,
I was relieved,
I went over there to have a look.
It was all clear,
The Maggots got him too.

Good ridance, I exclaim,
For I am a man who loves peace and quiet.
and so I continued on my way,
and yes, I did toss the Coin into the carcass.
Into the shamful display of death,
“maybe they will burn away” i said.
But more out of hope than conviction.
But they didnt….
The mark they made on the landscape remained,
For a long,long time.


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