Poetry, Reflections

The one you can’t have…

She walks a little slow,
Her hair dancing in the wind,
Her fragrance fills the air,
Her face lights up the night,
I feel like going up to her,
I feel like looking her in the eye,
I feel like telling her my name,
I feel like dancing with her in the rain,
What is it about her,
Is it her beauty that drives me insane?
Is it the enchantment in her eyes?
Makes me want to fill them with joy,
Is it the sweetness of her lips,
Makes me want to make her smile.
is it the magic of her fragrance,
Makes me dance like in a trance…

Why is it..
I wonder now,
That the ones you can’t have,
Are the ones you want the most,
Why is it that I want to take your hand,
Why is it that I want to make you mine,
Years from now,
When you will no longer remember me,
When life has treated you well,
When all the happiness and joy
Has filled your life to the brim,
When life for you will be the best there ever was,
I will look back at this day,
I will picture your face,
A solitary picture of grace,
The wetness in your hair,
The moistness of your lips,
The smile on your face,
Your touch….
It doesn’t matter I think now,
That she doesn’t even remember my name,
It doesn’t really matter
If she never knew I existed…
It’s just another story…
a story left incomplete…
like a blank paper sheet…
Its just another dream…
A dream that is lost…
lost when you are awake…
i try not to think…
The future is uncertain…
Ther present is here.
and now…all i see is you,
I could stay lost in this moment
Forever I could stand and see you dance,
Forever I could wait for your glance,
Forever I could smell your perfume,
Forever I could sense you in every room,
Forever I could see you smile,
Forever I could hear your laughter
Forever and ever….

Under the moonlight,
With the windy rain blowing still,
I would hold you close,
I would touch what can’t be mine,
I would look into your eyes,
I would stare at your smile,
I would smell the air so sweet,
I would feel your lips….

Sometimes you have to let go,
It doesn’t matter…
that you can never be mine,
It doesn’t matter…
that I can never feel your touch,
Years from now,
At a far of distance,
I wish you have all the happiness,
I wish for you all the joy,
Smile always…
And like a faded photograph,
Visions come in my head,
Life will be complete,
like leaves in the wind that sway,
This night will fade ,
like footprints in the sand,
time will pass us by,
when life and time have all ended,
when all memories have faded away,
your memory is all that will remain….


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